Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alaska Day Seven : Glacier Cruise

We boarded busses for Kenai Fjords National Park Glacier Cruise at 9:15 am.
There was a big gift shop at the docks and I bought some more Alaska Christmas and birthday gifts before boarding the boat.  I took photos of the harbor and all the boats at the docks while I waited for the cruise to begin.   Once we were out to sea there we photo opportunities every minute.  We saw lots of wildlife.  Sea otters, stellar sea lions, seagulls, a humpback whale, dall porpoises, puffins, cormorants, common murre (they looked like penguins) , bald eagles, and so much beautiful scenery of rocky shores and spruce trees.  Always the spruce trees.  We watched the glacier “calving”.  I learned that I could not capture either whales surfacing, or glaciers calving with my still camera so I held the video camera in one hand and aimed it in the direction of the possible action and just let it run while I snapped still shots with the other.  Does that make me a crazy photographer?  or just a crazy tourist?  The cruise lasted most of the day and the crew came around serving chicken wrap sandwiches for lunch.  Later in the day after we had all been outside in the cold watching the glacier they made fresh hot chocolate chip cookies.  It was a rainy misty day with no sun,  and being close to the glacier with all that ice,  it was very cold and damp outside on the deck of the boat.

To see all my photos of rocks and spruce, ice and wildlife:    Look up alicehuntstudio   on Flickr or try the link below.

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