Tuesday, December 21, 2010


         Our trip to Alaska this summer was the trip of a lifetime for us.  I kept a daily journal while on the trip and have just finished writing a blog for each day and illustrating it with our photos on Flickr.
         Don and I each took a lot of digital photos.  We had more than 2000 when we downloaded all of them to the computer.  The fun of digital photos is that you don’t have film to be concerned about buying and developing.  Whenever something catches your eye you can snap away with the camera and what doesn’t work can be deleted later.
         I never dreamed it would take me ‘til Christmas to finish all the blogs, but it has.  Blogs automatically date themselves on the day they are posted, so the dates have nothing to do with the fact that our trip was the end of June and first three days of July. 
         If you want to read the whole story from start to finish I recommend that you skip down to the beginning of this linear story in reverse and work your way back up.  My photostream on Flickr is likewise backwards and at the moment, December 21st 2010,  the ALASKA photos are at the top of my photostream. 
         The ALASKA album of photos off to the side of the page, starts with the first day at the top if you click on that to see them.  Either way, clicking on a photo will bring it up larger.  The photos in the album section are very small otherwise.
         Flickr is a wonderful website of photos by photographers around the world.  You probably have to sign on to see all my photos.  I highly recommend that as it is free and simple to sign up.
         Please enjoy my story and photos and leave comments if you want to.  I enjoy hearing feedback.


To see the best photos we took on our trip,
please look up alicehuntstudio   on Flickr or
 try the link below. (you may have to sign up, it’s free
 and it’s easy and there are so many fun groups of photos to
 see from all over the world I think you will be glad if you do.)

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