Friday, December 10, 2010

Alaska Day 8 Boarding the Diamond Princess

After breakfast I took a few more photos around the grounds of the Princess Lodge at Kenai where we had been staying for several days.  There were some very pretty flowers and the always spectacular scenery from the deck overlooking the river and the mountains. 
We were to board ship at 11:00 am after a short bus ride.  There weren’t many photo opportunities on the bus as it was raining and raindrops on the windows didn’t make for a good view.  I did get a photo of  the mountains and a glacier valley before we arrived at the tunnel.  The only way to reach Whittier Alaska is to go by railroad tunnel through the mountain.  The tunnel had been modified for use by busses as well as train and I got some interesting shots of that adventure.
After getting checked in to our room on board ship, we had a delicious lunch buffet.  We walked around and explored the ship.  After the emergency drill all passengers had to participate in we went back to the buffet dining room for dinner and ate too much again.  We then explored the ship and took more pictures, attended a Welcome to the Ship Show in the theater, and then found a good dance band and danced for a while before going to our room.

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To see all the photos for this day:    Look up alicehuntstudio   on Flickr or try the link below.

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