Tuesday, December 21, 2010


         This morning we had a meeting with our tour group to discuss the plans for leaving the ship and riding the bus to the airport in Vancouver.  She gave us instructions about when to put out our luggage and where to meet as a group for our departure.
         We packed our bags again and managed to find room for all the gifts we had bought.  Then we went out side on deck as it was a beautiful day.
         There were many photos to take on this last day at sea.  We were sailing past Canada now and the coastline was dotted with many islands.  The steep hills, or mountains were covered with spruce trees and very green.  The sky and sea were very blue and there were some interesting cloud patterns as well to make the photos interesting.
         We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the fresh air and sunshine and taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.

To see some of the best photos we took today, please look up alicehuntstudio   on Flickr or try the link below. (you may have to sign up, it’s free and it’s easy and there are so many fun groups of photos to see from all over the world I think you will be glad if you do.)

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