Monday, December 13, 2010


         In the morning when we reached the upper levels where we could see outside we were happy to see blue sky and calm blue water. 
         The weather had cleared and it was going to be a good day for glacier viewing. After a big breakfast at the buffet we put on our warm layers and took our cameras up and outside to take photos.  It was like being in”Blue Heaven”.
         The breeze at the front of the boat was still chilly as the boat was moving and the air was cold in spite of the bright sunshine.
         The plan for the day was to see Glacier Bay.  We also saw Icy Straight.  The captain took us to see an extra glacier today because the weather was so beautiful and we missed seeing the Hubbard glacier yesterday.  According to my notes, we saw Margerie Glacier, Johns Hopkins Glacier and Lamplugh  Glacier.  We also saw whales, a young eagle, seals and sea otters.
         I spent most of the day up on deck in the sunshine taking photos.  Don took a lot of photos too.  I have over 400 photos to select and edit.  The great thing about digital cameras is that you don’t have film to buy and process. You can just click away whenever you see something that looks interesting.  If it doesn’t turn out it is no loss as you can just delete it.  Consequently I take many more photos than I would with the old style film camera.  Photos of blue sky, blue mountains and blue water can start to get repetitious.  But, I LOVE BLUE.
     I have selected 36 of the best photos that tell the story, to put up on Flickr for day 10.
         To see all 36 of my best photos of the fantastic blueness of Glacier Bay,   please look up alicehuntstudio   on Flickr or try the link below. (you may have to sign up, it’s free and it’s easy and there are so many fun groups of photos to see from all over the world I think you will be glad if you do.)

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