Wednesday, March 30, 2011

30th Annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition Exhibition

Luralee Kiesel’s Painting to be 
Shown at the BBAC

The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center is again
 featuring their annual Michigan Fine Arts Competition  

Opening night is Friday April 1st  from 6-8pm

Luralee Kiesel is again exhibiting at the show and will 
show Weeping Willow # 8 this year.  It is another in her 
Willow series of colorful impressions of willow branches.

The artist, Luralee Kiesel will attend the opening night 
as will many other artists.

The show will continue through May 6th.

The Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center   (BBAC) is 
located in the Detroit suburbs at: 1516 S. Cranbrook, 
Birmingham, MI 48009.
Their phone number is PH 248.644.0866

To see more about this exhibit you can go to their website:

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Geranium Cuttings at the Studio

The sun was trying to shine between the clouds today and it looked like spring but the wind was bitter cold.  My green thumb was itching to do some work in the garden but it was just too cold.  So I did the next best thing and gardened indoors. 

I need to clean house,  and all the geranium pots on my window sills have been dropping dry leaves and old flowers on the sills and floors making a mess.  I decided to give them their annual spring trimmings before I did the cleaning.  I took them one at a time to the window by the kitchen sink and carefully cut back the stems to a growing leaf and pulled out all the dead leaves.  Then I watered them well,  misted the stems and leaves and spread a small pot of fresh potting soil on top of the dirt in the pot to snug up the stems a bit.  Then I covered each pot with a white plastic grocery bag to form a little greenhouse effect to keep the stems moist.  I am hoping this little hot house for each pot will encourage the dormant buds on the stems to leaf out in the humidity and get them big and bushy before I want to plant them outside in late May.  

Then I took all the cuttings and stripped them down to two leaves and planted them in little pots of fresh potting soil and misted them and covered the pots (five or six at a time) with the plastic grocery bags for humidity put them in a sunny window and hope some of them will take root and make more pretty plants for this summer.

Do you think it will work?   I have never been this thorough with the spring cleaning of the geraniums  and have had hit and miss luck with cuttings.  Maybe the little greenhouses will be the answer to having success.   Stay tuned for the results in a few months.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Signs of Spring at Alice Hunt’s Studio

Snow drops in bloom under the dogwood tree,  daffodils pushing up through the ground as the snow melts and the fragrance of witch hazel wafting on the breeze. Robins hunting for worms in the lawn.

These are the signs of spring at the studio this week.

A pair of Canada Geese honking loudly as I walked along the shoreline, glided down and slid across what was left of the ice before dropping over the edge into the water. 

With the first spring show behind me now, new work and new displays are ready for the 2011 art fair season.  I still have more ideas to bring to light in clay and soon the ferns in my gardens will be up and I can pick them to use in more contemporary fossils creations that are piling up in my mind’s eye.

To see more of Alice's creations please check these sites

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

West Michigan Potters Guild Spring Show and Sale this Saturday in Grand Rapids Michigan

Alice Hunt's booth will be in this same spot again this year.

How many ways can an artist use clay?  An infinite number it seems, to anyone who has ever attended this show.  Members of the West Michigan Potter’s Guild will be showing their works of fine craft this Saturday.  It is one of Grand Rapids Michigan’s finest shows.  I am busy getting packed for it,  finishing up new work and getting ready for a new year of art fairs.

West Michigan Potters Guild

  Springfest 2011

21st annual POTTERY SHOW & SALE

Saturday, March 19 9am-4pm
Church of the Servant
3835 Burton SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan

for a link to a map see:

To see more of Alice Hunt's work: