Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alaska Day Six The Bus to Kenai

Alaska Day 6 Kenai Peninsula

We boarded the bus at 8:30 am arriving in Anchorage in time for lunch.  Don and I decided to eat our granola bars as we walked and do some shopping.  We still had lots of birthday and Christmas gifts to find for all the people on our lists.  We found the tourist center and a nice gallery called Cabin Fever where we made many purchases. Back at the bus at the agreed departure time, we found our seats and were in for a photographers dream drive.  We traveled on the Seward Highway.  It goes along a fabulously scenic inlet.  Captain Cook thought this was a river it is so big.  It was low tide and there were interesting patterns in the glacial silt as well as large shallow calm stretches of water mirroring the mountains on the other shore.  It was a beautiful ride.
We arrived at the hotel which had a lodge building with two restaurants and a huge deck overlooking a turquoise blue river and millions of spruce trees on the mountains.  Up the hill from the lodge was a gift shop, another building with a hot tub and many building with guest rooms.  Our “room” was a bedroom and a living room.  The living room had a woodstove in the corner and opened up on its own private deck that looked out on more mountains and trees.
After checking in and putting our bags in our room, we went back to the lodge and decided to walk the trail below the deck down to the river.  It was a steep road, much better going down than coming back up.  Once down to the river there were wild roses everywhere as we had seen so many times in Alaska.  We explored the trail and came to a lookout deck beside the river.  After taking lots of pictures we hiked back up the trail and met our tour guide Connie and people from our group for dinner.

To see all the photos for this day:    Look up alicehuntstudio   
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