Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Work by Trish Joseph Featured at The Little Yellow Frame Shop in Richland Michigan

Celebrate Spring with an art show of new colorful floral pastels.

Opening night of the exhibit is Saturday, April 24, 6-9 pm.  Trish Joseph will be there  to greet you as you visit the show of at least ten new energetic, bold florals combining pastels and colored pencil.  The gallery will be showing her pottery  as well, and several figure drawings which are also in pastel.

Chocolate and cheese nibbles will be served.  Please come and join Trish on Saturday, April 24, 6-9 pm at The Little Yellow Frame Shop and Gallery (8174 N. 32nd Street, Richland, MI 49083)

If you are unable to attend that evening, the exhibit will be on display until Saturday, July 31.

For a map and more information please visit
or call 269.629.9507

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  1. I love the close-up view--Tricia gets at the essence of the plant. The saturated colors are what first grabbed my attention, but a longer look let me appreciate the animated feeling of the flower and the leaves. They nearly writhe in a Van Gogh way. I hope to see Tricia's work in person some day.

  2. I have some hope of being in SW MI while Trish's show is up. I'm neither an artist nor a writer of reviews, but this sample shows a lovely presentation of botanic art. The boldness of Ms Georgia O'K combines with the swirling energy of M. Vincent VG, but in a wholly unique blend: where crisp and pulsating intersect via Trish Joseph. Congratulations.

  3. Trish,
    Beauty, power, strength and boldness in the fragility of a flower! You express a keen eye for detail and perhaps a little magic running through all that talent. Holly VK

  4. I love the strength of the colors, refreshing, It seems lately I have been seeing more and more murky tones in painting that disturb me. I hope the trend does not continue that way. It's as if the painter cannont make up their mind what color to use to they just smear them together on the canvas. The scheme of Tricia's work is well stuctured and with powerful definition. Congratulations on the show!