Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Luralee Kiesel's new oil painting, Weeping Willow #6 can be seen in the exhibit,  Michigan FINE ARTS Competition currently on display at the BBAC (Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.

Luralee's paintings are inspired by nature and full of movement.  Imagine being a little bird or small rabbit sitting inside a willow tree, rosebush, or forsythia looking out through the branches.

Additional paintings by Luralee Kiesel may be seen at on the page GALLERY OF FRIENDS. (See link to Alice Hunt's Website above)

Weeping Willow #6 is a vibrantly colorful impression of willow branches in oil on a 36 by 60 inch canvas.

This exhibit runs from April 2 to May 7, 2010.  1516 S. Cranbrook Rd.  Birmingham, Michigan 48009  248-644-0866      

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  1. Good Morning. This painting brought some early sunshine into my morning. What a delightful, dancing array of color. Give my love to Luralee!

  2. Nice to see Luralee exhibiting her work. What a happy painting!

  3. Congratulations to Luralee on her show at BBArtCenter.
    Weeping Willow #6 looks amazing. The willow is such a favorite tree of mine, especially in the spring when the piercing green electrifies the landscape. And I love your commentary about imagining to be a little creature peering out.

  4. This painting is vibrant, and needs a large, light space to honor it. I've always loved willows and this is a great two dimensional tribute.

  5. This painting is vibrant and needs a large, light space to honor it. I have always loved willows, so this work is a great commentary in two dimensions. Thanks for sharing it on the web!

  6. Trish of ETJosephArtsApril 10, 2010 at 5:45 PM

    Wow! Luralee's paintings are beautiful! As an avid gardener, I think it's great to see such vibrant semi-abstracts that are botanically inspired. I have seen some of her work in person. The colors are amazing, and the compositions make me imagine myself as some small woodland creature peeping through the branches. Very cool stuff!

  7. I love how Luralee has maintained her style over the years while producing ever-fresh work. It's not only the vivid colors in their combinations that are appealing, but also the shapes that contain the myriad hues. Really nice. Hope to see them in person some day.

  8. A photo of Luralee's painting appeared on the front page of of the Eagle, a local weekly newspaper. This quote appeared in the article
    Diane Taylor, marketing and communications director for the BBAC, said Bloomfield Hills artist Luralee Kiesel’s oil on canvas, “Weeping Willow #6” is a “must-see” in person due to the “brilliance of colors” and “scale of the piece.” The article can be seen at this site.

  9. Faith Porter HerrickDecember 20, 2010 at 1:18 AM

    I have loved Luralee's work since she was a child!! I have some very early pieces and treasure them!