Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How Many Piercings?

            People without holes in their ears are people too. How many piercings do you have?  At a summer art fairs there is a parade of people and it is common to see multiple tattoos and multiple piercings. It may be hard to believe, but there are still many people who don’t have any of either.
              Some people have tried but are allergic to metal in their ears, or have had bad experiences of one sort or another.  Some have just never gotten around to it and some don’t even want to think about being poked and pierced.  Some aunts and grandmothers grew up when pierced ears were frowned upon (yes, once upon a time) and have never wanted them. At nearly every show I hear the comment “Your earrings are so cute but I don’t have pierced ears”
            So few artists make clip earrings that people don’t expect to find them.  I enjoy being able to tell them that a whole spinner of earrings in my booth is just for them.  Or maybe they have pierced ears but need a gift for a mom,  a grandmother or aunt who wears clips.  Often they are so happy to find them that they buy a handful.
            For a long time, I made my own cards to put them on.  I printed out cardstock cards and glued a plastic thing on the back that hung them on the display spinner.  That was a lot of work  and they wilted in the humidity and looked a mess after a rainy art fair.  The plastic cards I buy for the rest of my earrings just have tiny holes for wires or posts to go through so they didn’t work for clips. 
            Then it hit me.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  I have a hole punch and with some effort can punch through the plastic to enlarge the holes for my clip earrings.  Now, I don’t have to make my own cards, I have saved myself lots of work, the display cards won’t sag in the rain, and I have a new look for the clip earring spinner.
             We don’t realize the amount of time spent on these housekeeping details until we have to do them.  It is always a relief when I figure out how to simplify this part of my business.  I was going to say “non-creative” part of my business, but often the display and marketing part turns out to be very creative, if not very “arty” and then again sometimes it is just something obvious finally hitting me in the face.
            To  see examples of my clip and “non-clip” earrings please check out these sites:

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