Monday, March 8, 2010


Hurray!  I have just finished making about a hundred new cords for all the new pendants for this year.  I like certain colors of cords and since most of my jewelry has gold highlights I like the cords to have gold clasps.  That is just a color coordinating thing of mine.  The ones that can be ordered ready made all have silver clasps.  Now they are finished and I can get my coffee table back.  I have been spending the evenings working in front of the TV putting the ends on the cords and attaching the clasps.  The ends are a bear to hold and crimp just right with the pliers.  I am always happy to have this job done for a while.

Spring is coming.  The ice on the lake is starting to groan and thunder as it shrinks in the cold at night and warms in the sun in the morning.  Today is the seventh consecutive day of sunshine and we are not used to such luxury in March here in Michigan.  My husband and I went out for a walk this morning and it is beautiful out there.  He  picked up cans along the way  as the melting snow is revealing a lot of them tossed out by careless drivers.  We aren’t the only litter picker-uppers out there.  After climbing down a flight of stairs to the beach below the road and picking up a half dozen cans he put them in a pile across the road to pick up on our return home.  We met a woman we had not seen before walking the other way shortly after that and exchanged hellos.  After reaching the corner by the highway we turned around and came home.  On the way back we couldn’t find the pile of cans, I guess our new friend picked them up.  Our collection bin in the garage is full anyway and my husband said he needs to go to the grocery store today and turn them in…..

Now I am back inside at the computer getting started for the new week.  Today I am going to take photos of the new bead pendants I made with some of the beads from the “Beads in the Gold Fire” blog a few weeks ago.  I have finished them in time for the Potters Guild Spring Fest.  ( See details about that in the EVENTS section of my website )

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